DIN 51524 Part 1, HL


Hydraulic Fluid

HUNGARIAN*–HL is a premium quality multi-purpose lubricating oil, designed for use in hydraulic systems in industrial and mobile services, compressors, circulating systems and spur, helical, bevel and worm gearboxes where R&O type of oils are required. HUNGARIAN–HL is blended from high-quality base stocks and additives, supporting the performance requirements of DIN 51524 Part 1 (HL) and ISIRI 6423 (HL).


Good thermal and oxidation stability

Better water separation capability

Including special rust and corrosion inhibitors

Excellent foam control ability

Rapid air release property

Technical Details

*HUNGARIAN: A strong, brave and fearless horse


Mustang (API SN)
Tornado (API SM)
Orlov (API SL)
Pinto (API SJ)
Toric (API SG)
Appaloosa (API SF)
Karabair (API SE)
Breton (API SC / CC)

Super Gypsy (API CJ-4)
Gypsy (API CI-4)
Shire (API CH-4)
Morgan (API CF-4)
Hyland (API CD)

Automatic gear oil

Katiawari-VI (ATF DEXRON-VI)
Catiavari-II (ATF DEXRON-II)

Manual gear oil

Holstein GL-5 (API GL-5)
Holstein GL-4 (API GL-4)
Holstein GL-1 (API GL-1)

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System oil

3006 / CD
4008 / CD
3008 / CD

Piston trunk oil

4012 / CF

Turbine oil


Hydraulic oil

Hangrin Plus – HVLP

gear oil

Holstein Synthetic-CLP

Diesel engine oil

15W-40 / CI-4 PLUS
15W-40 / CI-4
20W-50 / CI-4
SAE 40 / CI-4