Railroad Lubricant

SHETLAND*-CF series are high-performance, Zinc- and Chlorine free locomotive oils, specially designed to provide excellent engine cleanliness and extended oil filter’s lifetime. They are suitable for use in modern railroad diesel locomotive engines, employed in severe services. SHETLAND series are formulated from high-quality base stocks, and modern technology additive packages, supporting the performance requirements of the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA) generation 5, and API CF/CF-2. SHETLAND series are available in three viscosity grades; SAE 15W-40, SAE 20W-40, SAE 40. These products are recommended for use in railroad diesel locomotive engines, medium-speed two-cycle and four-cycle railroad engines, marine and stationary engines for power generation or off-shore drilling, requiring zinc-free oils.


Zinc-free formulation, protecting silver bearings against corrosion 

Exceptional detergency-dispersancy property, providing excellent engine cleanliness 

High thermal and oxidation stability, preventing sludge formation 

Reduction of fuel consumption

Longer oil drain intervals

Effective lubrication at lower temperatures

Technical Details

*SHETLAND: A British breed of pony originating used as a draft horse


Mustang (API SN)
Tornado (API SM)
Orlov (API SL)
Pinto (API SJ)
Toric (API SG)
Appaloosa (API SF)
Karabair (API SE)
Breton (API SC / CC)

Super Gypsy (API CJ-4)
Gypsy (API CI-4)
Shire (API CH-4)
Morgan (API CF-4)
Hyland (API CD)

Automatic gear oil

Katiawari-VI (ATF DEXRON-VI)
Catiavari-II (ATF DEXRON-II)

Manual gear oil

Holstein GL-5 (API GL-5)
Holstein GL-4 (API GL-4)
Holstein GL-1 (API GL-1)

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System oil

3006 / CD
4008 / CD
3008 / CD

Piston trunk oil

4012 / CF

Turbine oil


Hydraulic oil

Hangrin Plus – HVLP

gear oil

Holstein Synthetic-CLP

Diesel engine oil

15W-40 / CI-4 PLUS
15W-40 / CI-4
20W-50 / CI-4
SAE 40 / CI-4