Marine Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Marine Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Marine Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Marine Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Marine Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil

SUPER MARISEA*-I is a full-synthetic high-performance marine engine oil specially formulated by new generation additives which meet the severe requirements of a wide range of engine manufacturers such as API CI-4/CF/SL, MTU II, ACEA E7, ACEA A3/B4, Volvo VDS-3, MAN 3275, MB 228.3 package approval, Caterpillar ECF-1a, MB 229.1, Renault RLD-2, Mack EOM+, Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215, Cummins 20076/20077/20078. SUPER MARISEA-I due to its advanced formulation possesses excellent detergency, dispersancy, antioxidation, anti-wear properties and effective acid neutralization capability.


Engines burning distillate fuels with sulfur content up to 1.0% wt. 

Heavy-duty and high-speed diesel engines operating continuously under very severe conditions 

Engines with or without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems 

Operating in highway and off-highway applications in the mining, quarrying, construction and
agricultural industries


Reduction of oil consumption due to excellent shear stability

Superior oxidation resistance capability

Outstanding TBN retention due to high acid neutralization ability 

Rust, corrosion and wear protection 

Excellent low-temperature properties, easier engine start-up and protection against start-up wear 

Technical Details

*MARISEA: Taken from the name of a powerful and strong horse, named Marismeño, known as Marsh Horse


Mustang (API SN)
Tornado (API SM)
Orlov (API SL)
Pinto (API SJ)
Toric (API SG)
Appaloosa (API SF)
Karabair (API SE)
Breton (API SC / CC)

Super Gypsy (API CJ-4)
Gypsy (API CI-4)
Shire (API CH-4)
Morgan (API CF-4)
Hyland (API CD)

Automatic gear oil

Katiawari-VI (ATF DEXRON-VI)
Catiavari-II (ATF DEXRON-II)

Manual gear oil

Holstein GL-5 (API GL-5)
Holstein GL-4 (API GL-4)
Holstein GL-1 (API GL-1)

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System oil

3006 / CD
4008 / CD
3008 / CD

Piston trunk oil

4012 / CF

Turbine oil


Hydraulic oil

Hangrin Plus – HVLP

gear oil

Holstein Synthetic-CLP

Diesel engine oil

15W-40 / CI-4 PLUS
15W-40 / CI-4
20W-50 / CI-4
SAE 40 / CI-4