Marine Trunk Piston Oil


Trunk Piston Oil

MARISEA*-F4012 is a high-quality marine diesel engine oil,designed for the lubrication of main and auxiliary medium-speedtrunk piston engines, burning distillate fuels with up to 1.5% wt.sulfur content. This trunk piston oil is formulated with carefullybalanced high-quality hydrotreated base stocks and a moderntechnology additive package, meeting the requirements of themajor manufacturers of medium-speed marine diesel enginessuch as: API CF, Volvo, MAN, Caterpillar, MB, Renault, Mack,Detroit Diesel, Cummins, etc.


Highly rated, medium-speed, main propulsion and auxiliary trunk piston diesel engines

Engines of fishing vessels and passenger ships 

Turbo-charged, geared transmissions, variable pitch propellers, oil-filled stern tubes,
used with medium-speed engines

Deck machinery and other marine applications, requiring SAE 40 viscosity grade


Protection against cylinder liner wear and bore polishing 

Extended engine and oil lifetime

Bearing corrosion protection

Rapid separation of any trapped water

Excellent rust protection for all stern equipment

Reduction of deposit formation in piston ring belt and cylinder liners 

Low foaming tendency

Technical Details

 *MARISEA: Taken from the name of a powerful and strong horse, named Marismeño, known as Marsh Horse


Mustang (API SN)
Tornado (API SM)
Orlov (API SL)
Pinto (API SJ)
Toric (API SG)
Appaloosa (API SF)
Karabair (API SE)
Breton (API SC / CC)

Super Gypsy (API CJ-4)
Gypsy (API CI-4)
Shire (API CH-4)
Morgan (API CF-4)
Hyland (API CD)

Automatic gear oil

Katiawari-VI (ATF DEXRON-VI)
Catiavari-II (ATF DEXRON-II)

Manual gear oil

Holstein GL-5 (API GL-5)
Holstein GL-4 (API GL-4)
Holstein GL-1 (API GL-1)

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System oil

3006 / CD
4008 / CD
3008 / CD

Piston trunk oil

4012 / CF

Turbine oil


Hydraulic oil

Hangrin Plus – HVLP

gear oil

Holstein Synthetic-CLP

Diesel engine oil

15W-40 / CI-4 PLUS
15W-40 / CI-4
20W-50 / CI-4
SAE 40 / CI-4