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Founded in August 2000 in the industrial zone of Zanjan, We, Tajhiz Niroo Zangan, are the first public joint stock company manufacturing transformer lubricants in Iran. TNZ is registered and trademarked. Now, after more than 20 years of experience, innovation and development, we have in our daily line of production a wide range of lubricants used in automotive, industry and marine equipment, for instance, gasoline and diesel engine oil, trunk piston oil, cylinder oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic fluid, compressor oil, locomotive oil, grease and anti-freeze,.. . We have gained our status by relying on our skilled specialists, laboratories benefitting from the latest technology, commitment and diligence of all staff, and above all, by the perseverance and exemplary ambition of our management team and stakeholders. Backed by such strong foundation, we are able to accept and implement various projects in the field of lubrication, and hence, we are a major supplier for some of the biggest governmental organizations namely, Ports and Maritime Organization. In addition to having long-term contracts with widely-used oil suppliers in severe conditions, we have been manufacturing the required products for the industry. We value our customers’ trust and strongly believe that this trust has been built on high quality products and services and on transparency in that visits and observation of the production process is accommodated. In addition to exporting a variety of products to Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S), Ukraine, Africa, India, Turkey, Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, we also have official representatives and sales offices in Iraq and Oman. TNZ has set its pivotal point on product quality achieved by conducting field tests and by branding in quality and services provided to customer equipment. Therefore, extra care is put into product formulation, choice of raw material, production and packaging process.