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This is Tajhiz Niroo Zangan’s quality control laboratory. This unit’s responsibility starts as raw materials enter the factory and carries on until shipping orders to the customers. We are also responsible for monitoring production quality, additionally, obliged to approve of products with a quality exceeding national standards for packaging. Our high-tech oil analysis equipment, along with conducting routine and specialized tests on various automotive, industrial and marine lubricants enable Tajhiz Niroo Zangan to offer products far beyond required national standards and to remain trusted by customers. According to SAE J 300, CCS test is one of the most important tests needed for gasoline and diesel engine oils. CCS abbreviates Cold Cranking Simulator that simulates the moment engine starts. This test investigates the lubrication capability of oils at low temperatures as the engine starts in order to minimize wear between various components of cylinder and piston. Our lab is also equipped to modern and automated oil analysis equipment. The tests including Viscosity, Noack, TAN, TBN, Flash Point, Pour Point, Water Separability, Karl Fischer, Copper Corrosion, Breakdown Voltage, Sulfur Content.