Cleaner Solution


Cleaner Solution

TNZ-Cleaner is a high-quality windshield cleaner solution for all type of vehicles. It removes all types of debris and dirt effectively to lend a safe driving experience. This non-toxic and biodegradable solution follows hydrophobic technology, allowing the water to roll away in driving. TNZ-Cleaner is not harmful for paint and rubber


Streak-free shine to any surface 

Prevention of freezing

Without any adverse effect on painted surfaces, pipes, hoses, seals and wipers 

Applicable in all seasons

Prevention of fog and steam forming


Mustang (API SN)
Tornado (API SM)
Orlov (API SL)
Pinto (API SJ)
Toric (API SG)
Appaloosa (API SF)
Karabair (API SE)
Breton (API SC / CC)

Super Gypsy (API CJ-4)
Gypsy (API CI-4)
Shire (API CH-4)
Morgan (API CF-4)
Hyland (API CD)

Automatic gear oil

Katiawari-VI (ATF DEXRON-VI)
Catiavari-II (ATF DEXRON-II)

Manual gear oil

Holstein GL-5 (API GL-5)
Holstein GL-4 (API GL-4)
Holstein GL-1 (API GL-1)

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System oil

3006 / CD
4008 / CD
3008 / CD

Piston trunk oil

4012 / CF

Turbine oil


Hydraulic oil

Hangrin Plus – HVLP

gear oil

Holstein Synthetic-CLP

Diesel engine oil

15W-40 / CI-4 PLUS
15W-40 / CI-4
20W-50 / CI-4
SAE 40 / CI-4